Put Your Skills As A Veteran To Work Owning A RoofTek ® Business

Veterans acquire unique skills and the discipline necessary to become successful business owners. In construction and the service industry, veterans flourish, but the most challenging part for many is establishing a name in the business. Buying into an established franchise brand will put you ahead of the curve. Capitalize on the skills and commitment to service that sets you apart as a veteran and own a RoofTek® franchise. As a RoofTek® owner, you'll have a name behind you that matches your values and provides the return on your investment you deserve.

There's A Bright Future In Roofing

Everyone needs a roof over their head. Veterans looking to invest their money by starting a recession-resistant business with proven earning's potential can hardly make a wiser choice than roofing.

The economy does not control the weather or how roofs age. Climate is the primary factor in a roof's lifespan, and extreme weather events are increasing in frequency yearly. Another factor driving homeowners' demands for an upgraded roof is the energy-efficient benefits. RoofTek® is a company that uses leading manufacturers' latest technology and materials. Consumers seek roofs from our company to provide better thermal insulation and significantly reduce their energy bills. As a RoofTek® franchise owner, you'll give families actual value while making substantial returns on your investment long into the future. 

We partner with name-brand manufacturers for the highest-quality products in the industry. Our supplier relationships allow us to go the extra mile for our customers with above-industry standard warranties and savings. In addition to roofing, our franchise owners can expand their service portfolio, allowing for multiple income channels. Franchise owners can offer:

  • Residential roofing services 
  • Commercial roofing services
  • Solar installations
  • Permanent exterior lighting
  • RoofEXT

RoofTek® Will Help You Become Successful

Being a veteran and sharing the tremendous RoofTek® brand identity will instantly garner credibility in customers' eyes, but there's more to running a successful business. RoofTek® goes further to ensure franchise owners are ready to deliver the expert-quality products and services people think of when they hear our name.

  • We give you a business model designed for success. There is also scheduling flexibility that won't get in the way of your family time or other passions. 
  • RoofTek® franchising has a comparatively lower upfront investment cost and quicker ramp-up
  • We provide an experienced support team to help franchise owners start and grow their businesses.
  • RoofTek® franchise ownership is a turnkey business with top-tier software and training to help you be successful from day one. 
  • You have access to some of the most extensive franchise territories in the industry to grow and profit.

We ensure you have everything you need to run your roofing franchise. Each owner receives thorough and hands-on instruction for our processes, and you learn how to deliver our services. You can count on the home office to help you achieve success with operations and management support. We partner with a top-tier vendor for call center representatives, project scheduling, job overview, revenue tracking, and purchasing.  

Why Should Veterans Join RoofTek®?

Service and dependability are what veterans and RoofTek® are passionate about most. Our shared values make it easy for veterans to transition into the RoofTek® business model. Owning a RoofTek® franchise is a sound business investment because we are the premier roof repair and installation company in North America. Homeowners know they'll get products and services far surpassing the competition when they choose RoofTek®.

RoofTek® sets veterans up for success in their new venture as a franchise owner, providing valuable support, training, and tools to ensure they deliver the expert-quality roofs for which we're known. With us, veterans can enjoy several benefits, including:

  • A career in a growing industry
  • An established, respected brand 
  • Training
  • A flexible work-life balance 
  • Large franchise territories
  • Independence
  • Support from caring, passionate professionals
  • Opportunity
  • Transparency
truck at worksite

Veterans Are A Perfect Fit For RoofTek®

Like you, RoofTek® cares about its identity and how we're viewed in others' eyes. Our reputation rests on franchise owners like you who share our values of service and excellence. Veterans are a perfect fit for RoofTek® franchise ownership and have acquired the skills and mindset necessary to deliver on our promises to homeowners and their families. By choosing to invest in RoofTek®, we'll give back to you just as much. Veterans can realize a significant ROI with our comparatively low startup costs and fast growth with the nation's premier roofing brand behind them. Contact us today about becoming a franchise owner with RoofTek®.