Ditching Corporate Life To Own A RoofTek® Franchise May Be More Rewarding

It as never been better for C-level executives to move away from corporate life and become successful small business owners. Even CEOs of major corporations who once thrived in an office environment now look for something entirely different. There is no reason to fear making the transition to something more aligned with your goals, and owning a franchise is a lot different than starting from scratch. When you buy a RoofTek® franchise, you own one of the most recession-resistant  businesses (everyone needs a roof) and have an established name and reputation right from the start. Don’t be intimidated away from following your dream of security and independence. Become your own boss by becoming a RoofTek® owner.

Your Corporate Skills Are Well-Suited To Franchise Ownership

What stops many people from starting a business is the fear that they aren’t ready for the responsibility and challenges. That being said, C-level executives already have many of the skills and qualifications needed to operate a franchise:

  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Financial foresight
  • Strategy development

Even a C-level executive needs to ensure they are leaving corporate life behind and starting their own business for the right reasons. Being successful at anything takes discipline and perseverance. The good news is we have a support system to help make it easier to become your boss and achieve your goals. 

RoofTek® Helps You Succeed As A New Franchise Owner

Quitting your C-suite position and owning a franchise isn’t a step back. It’s a step forward. You’ll be your boss, and not just do a job but provide employment to others. The path to success is much easier with RoofTek®, largely because we give you the tools and support proven to be effective:

  • The RoofTek® franchise business model we provide has proven successful for other first-time owners like you. Although entrepreneurships can be demanding – flexibility is built-in to allow you time for family and other pursuits.
  • Becoming a RoofTek® franchise owner requires a significantly lower upfront investment than many other franchises. You’ll realize a faster ramp-up to help make your goal of financial security a reality. 
  • You’ll have access to an experienced and dedicated support team to help you grow your new business. Lean on the insights and knowledge of RoofTek® professionals who have helped countless other franchise owners succeed. 
  • RoofTek® is a turnkey business. We provide the training to ensure you can deliver expert-quality services and the software to help you manage and grow your business.

We offer protected franchise territories, to ensure your relationship with other RoofTek® franchise owners is collaborative.

Why Choose RoofTek®

C-level executives ready to become the boss and create financial and emotional success on their own terms should choose RoofTek®. The roofing industry is resilient no matter what the condition of the economy. Everyone needs a roof over their head, and roofs have a limited lifespan. We are the premier roof repair and installation company in North America, known for providing the best products and services to homeowners. Owning a RoofTek® franchise allows you to start a business with an established name and reputation. The training, support, and other resources we provide give you a framework to launch your new endeavor and start turning a profit fast. 

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Contact Us About Franchising Opportunities

C-level executives tired of the corporate grind have the skills and mindset to start their successful businesses. Buying a roofing franchise will eliminate many difficulties of starting a new business, like building a brand identity and dedicated consumer base. We are the premier roof repair and installation company in North America, and homeowners turn to us when they want expert-quality products and services. We also provide a robust framework of support and resources to help new franchise owners grow their businesses and achieve their goals of financial independence and emotional satisfaction. Realizing your dreams isn’t as far-fetched as some would make it seem. Contact us today to hear more about RoofTek® franchising opportunities.