Put Your Skills To Work As A RoofTek® Franchise Owner

If you have experience in construction, as a contractor, or especially in the roofing or solar industry, you likely have the skills to be your own boss as a RoofTek® franchise owner. Starting a business from scratch is intimidating, with many failing within the first year, but franchises have an inherent advantage. RoofTek® is the premier roof repair and installation company in North America, and owning a franchise with our name behind you immediately opens a broad consumer base of homeowners who know you’ll give them expert-quality products and services.

We also provide a robust support system of tools and resources to help new franchise owners run and manage their businesses for growth and prosperity. Gain financial independence and job security by putting your skills and experience in construction and roofing to work. Be your boss by making an intelligent investment and becoming a RoofTek® franchisee.

Why Is Owning A Franchise Better Than Starting A Business From Scratch?

As a contractor, roofer, or someone with experience in construction, you’ve probably thought about starting your own business at some point. The dream of independence and financial security has to start somewhere, and for many current business owners, it started on the job in a similar position. It’s possible to branch out on your own, invest the money you’ve saved for years into materials, marketing, management software, etc., and try to make those dreams a reality. Unfortunately, talent and dedication don’t always pay off.

What advantages do franchises have over businesses started from scratch? For starters, brand identity does a lot to retain customers and generate new ones. People trust giving their money to a name they recognize to deliver quality products and services. Franchise owners also have proven guidance to follow. Small franchise owners aren’t as alone as small business owners starting from scratch. There is typically a framework and proven business model for growth and success. 

The numbers don’t lie – you stand a better chance of realizing your dream of successful business ownership by investing in a franchise rather than stumbling into the unknown alone. Additionally, we partner with name-brand manufacturers for the highest-quality products in our industry. The relationships we have with our suppliers allow us to do more for our customers with better than industry-standard warranties and savings. Our franchise owners can expand their service portfolio, allowing multiple income channels. Franchise owners can offer:

  • Residential roofing services 
  • Commercial roofing services
  • Solar panel installations
  • Permanent exterior holiday lighting
  • RoofEXT

Roofing Is A Growing Industry

There is security with a roofing business. But that’s not the case with roofing. Residential building increased, and with it, the demands for the skills you’ve acquired in construction increased. A quality roof is durable but doesn’t last forever. Climate is the primary factor in the longevity of a roof, and extreme weather events are increasing in frequency and intensity.

RoofTek® stays current with roofing trends. We work with the best suppliers in the industry to deliver the latest and best products and services. Enhancing energy efficiency is becoming a priority among more homeowners, and a roof is one of the most critical components of insulating a house. Demand for roof upgrades using materials that maximize energy efficiency and lower energy costs is expected to increase rapidly. You’ll carry the same highly sought-after products and services as a RoofTek® franchise owner. You have excellent odds of growth and profitability by investing in becoming a roofer with the best name in the industry.

RoofTek® Helps Franchise Owners Succeed

Becoming a RoofTek® franchise owner means not having to go alone. We are equally invested in your success and in reaching your financial and professional independence goals. Resources we provide to help you run and grow your business include the following:

  • A proven business model to guide you. You’ll also find flexible scheduling that won’t inhibit pursuing other essential things, like family and social responsibilities.
  • A relatively moderate upfront investment that helps you achieve a faster ROI.
  • An extensive support team of experienced professionals to help launch and grow your business.
  • A turnkey business ready to implement software and training to help you run and manage your RoofTek® franchise for growth and profitability. 
  • Protected franchise territory.

Take The Next Step For Your Future And Contact Us Today

The skills you’ve acquired in construction as a contractor or a roofer make you the perfect candidate to partner with RoofTek® and own a franchise. Achieve your goal of becoming your own boss by starting a business with an established name and consumer base. We’ll give you all the tools and resources you need to grow your business and become successful. Contact us today to learn more about franchising opportunities with RoofTek®.